Tuesday, February 15, 2011


What month is this? February? Must be. It was just Valentine's Day. Eddie's been convalescing for four months now. It seems like forever. Considering that he's the one cooped up day after day, you'd think he'd be going a bit nuts -- but he's not. He's the same reasonable guy he always is. He's like a horse-Buddha.

Put a furry winter coat on him, and this is still Eddie's expression after 4 month on stall rest.
I'm not as patient or as accepting of the status quo as he is. I tend toward impatience, or at least a certain single-mindedness. Does the laundry need to be done? Do it! Hungry? Eat! A report due next week? Do it now! And yet….

Life rarely affords one the luxury of being that efficient. Extenuating circumstances seems to pop up everywhere. There are times, more frequent than I care to admit, where my to-do list grows to such proportions that it threatens to topple over and bury me. And all because of those danged extenuating circumstances. They're beyond my control, yet they control me to a degree, and that causes me to fret. I think I need to take a page from Eddie-Buddha and expend my energy more wisely.

It is what it is.

Do that which you can do.

Live wisely in the present.

Thanks, Eddie. 


  1. I know what you mean. I have cat-Buddhas in my house, and they model for me what it is to see the PRESENT, the NOW. They urge me to do one thing at a time -- chase a catnip toy, watch the birdfeeder, sing (yes, my cats sing), or take a nap. Hmm . . . take a nap? Good idea! 'Bye!

  2. Hi Fran! Ah, yes. Cats are champions of being in the present! I've often envied their approach to daily tasks. Eat, bathe, sleep, play -- when and however you choose!

  3. Ha! I didn't know you were a horse girl! I volunteered at WEG this year as an usher, which meant lots of standing around and watching the Dressage. I've owned and showed paints, so dressage was new and fascinating to me!!

    Following you back from the crusade. Thanks for swinging by my blog!
    The Survival Mama

  4. I wish I'd made it to the WEG! What an experience! Yes, we're dressage enthusiasts. Would have loved to have seen all that in person. Paints are lovely. You don't see many in the dressage show-ring, which is a shame. So very eye-catching!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow. I'm following back. Beautiful horse.

  6. Thanks, Diana! I'll pass along the compliment -- Eddie is now your new best friend (can't be helped, that's how he operates. He's such a flirt!)

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  8. Thanks for the post. I can't say any of our animals are that Buddah-like. But Eddie sounds lovely! So wise!

  9. Hi Ange! What an excellent idea! I'll be in touch!

    Hi Perri! Eddie has surprised me with his acceptance of his stall-rest situation. Most horses get resentful (if not downright agitated!) when couped up for months like he has been. I have a new respect for his mind now.